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The internet is not just a means of communication anymore. It is also the means to get the latest on all sorts of entertainment. Now you can find the latest ball to ball cricket score, download the latest audio or video, download wallpapers or share e-cards, get social with social networking sites and find out the latest in showbiz information from your nearest CIC. Please use the links on the left to get links to websites based on your favourite entertainment website. [ Grameenphone is not responsible for content of external sites ]


Wallpaper and desktop picture denote the background image of the computer screen. The basic difference is that the term paper wallpaper is used for windows operating systen whereas desktop picture is used for MAC operating system. In this section of the website you can get links to websites where you can download your favourite wallpapers and desktop pictures. You can also use the image search option of search engines to download these wallpapers.

Social Networks

Websites based on friendship are not only good for social networking or making new friends, it is also a great means of staying in touch with your close friends that are far away from you. Many of these have the added features of sharing pictures, files, audios and videos.


People are always interested in showbiz. Initially showbiz related information could only be found on TV, Radio etc but nowadays showbiz related websites can easily be found on the web. Now you can find showbiz related information that goes with our culture right in your nearest CIC. You can also use a search engine to find out the necessary showbiz related information.

Music & Video

A major proportion of Internet based Entertainment websites are based on Music annd Vidoes. These websites contain information regarding the latest and classical old songs.Some of these websites allow you to listen to songs or watch videos online while many others allow download of these audios or videos.

Matrimonial Sites

Marriages with the help of a matchmaker is an old traditional custom in Bangladesh. Nowadays, online matchmaking websites play the part of these matchmakers. It is now possible to find the desired bride/groom by browsing through the matrimonial sites of this section of the website from your nearest CIC. Majority of these websites gurantee the privacy of personal information entered into these sites.

Greeting Cards

It is quite customary to present cards be it a private occasion or a social one. Nowadays the entire process of exchanging greeting cards can be carried out over the internet and at a faster rate. This section of the website has links to websites from where you can send an e-card of your choice to your loved ones wherever they are in a matter if minutes.


Computer games are a favourite of both adults and children alike. Some computer games can be played online and doesn't require the installation of anything while many others are downloadable games that can be downloaded and played on your computer. You can now play online or download a favourite game from your nearest CIC. Browse through these popular gaming websites and download or play the most popular games.


Blogging is a type of online journal where bloggers write content on the website and viewers comment on their ideas. These days blogging is also becoming a form of freelance reporting. The popularity of blogging today is quite noticable specially that of bengali blogs. Here you can get links to popular blogging sites so that you can blog right from your nearest CIC.

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