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Since the advent of the internet, its popularity of being an unlimited source of information has grown exponentially. Nowadays we search the internet for any kind of information ranging from news, government/ non-government, educational instituitions etc. Finding any kind of information using a serach engine is both popular and very easy. Now you can search for all the information that you need on anything from your nearest CIC. In this section of the GPCIC website you wil find links to various Information based websites. Please use the links on the left to learn more about the information that you need. [ Grameenphone is not responsible for content of external sites ]

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages are the best navigator around the web. Whether you're looking for travel info, business opportunities, entertainment or any kind of information yellow pages are necessary.


Weather plays an important part in many business transactions or schedules. This section of the website contains links to websites where you can find out the predicted weather and can hence plan accordingly.

Visa & Immigration

Immigration related necessary information can be obtained for some of the countries are listed below.Validate visa and work permit of several countries online.

Trade & Business Directory

Related information for business can be found from the mentioned links. To know better, please explore them accordingly.


The number of possibilities with the help of Internet is countless. Booking tickets for the plane or even the road transport is now possible over the net. Hence now using the links from this section of the website it is possible to find the road transport and airplane schedules or find out the best tourism spots across bangladesh from your nearest CIC.

Search Engines

Search engine are basically designed for searching of something inside the internet on given information. So, it is very important that we know about this kind of website so that things become easier to find.


This section contains links to the official website of some non governmental organizations.

Email Communication

Amongst the several internet based communication methods, e-mailing is the most widely used, most widely popular and most convenient. It is now possible to attach large files as attachment with your mail. In this part of the GPCIC website you will get links to some of the most popular e-mail service providing websites.


To know about the profile of a specific bank and existing facilities, you may click to the link. You should get all the necessary information from these referred links.


Whether we believe it or not, many people have checked their horoscope at one point of their life. It is based on this basic interest that astrological sites are developed. With the help of your horoscope, find out how your day, month or even year is going to turn out and find out what your compatible colours, people etc will be.

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