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Important tasks such as money transfer, shopping are nowadays carried out online. Even applying for a job in one of the largest companies in Bangladesh such as Grameenphone is only possible online. As this and many other services have been made online they are now easily available at your nearest CIC. Browse through the links on the left for the service that you are looking for and enjoy the same services as enjoyed by any other internet user in any other country. [ Grameenphone is not responsible for content of external sites ] [ Grameenphone is not responsible for content of external sites ]

Software Download

These are some websites that provides downloadable software. You may find various type of software which can be freeware or shareware.


Internet technology became easier and more flexible now a days. Now it is very easy to buy from these sites.

Messenger & Chat Software

Instant Messaging is one of the other popular Internet based communication methods. The basic difference between this and e-mail is that two or more people have to be connected to the internet and use an instant messenger at the same time. It is also possible to send files, talk to people and in some cases view them (with the help of a webcam) using an instant messenger. In this section you will get to learn about several different instant messengers and links to websites to download/upgrade them.

Internet Browser

To actually browse a website, an Internet Browsing Software is required along with an Internet Connection. Here you will learn about a few of the most popular browsing software and links to download or upgrade an existing browsing software.

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